June 10th, 2004

Chased By Rake

*Turns Chibified!*

I've finalized negotiations for Insurance for the Elentra and also finalized negotiations with my mother for the car so within the month hopefully the title will be in my name and I can finally relax again instead of worrying about how I'm going to pay for the rest of my car payments.

Collage has been paid for and I've finished the first of five weeks for this summer semester. My head is already throbbing but its only accounting so I expect to live...lol. I've done my best to make sure I'm prepaired for the excellerated learning (1 day = week) so at the end of the forth week I'll either be a wreak or cofident about the final.

For those that know me I'm not too emotional around people so yesterday came as quite the suprise to me. I had just got done taking my GF and her cousin to the theater to watch The Day After Tommarow. The movie went well, I wasn't very interested in it but I enjoyed the special effects and the company beside me. After the movie I took both of them to my apartment and noticed that Jen was strangely silent. Purplexed I started to inquire as to what was wrong and her cousin shoots out "Don't bother her, she doesn't want to cry in front of you." Well, this makes me even more conserned so I take them both to her apartment so she could be more comfortable and while we where outside I asked what was wrong. I had thought that something seriouse had happened and so my train of thought was to find out the problem and try and fix it. Imagine my suprise when she breaks down after saying how good I made her feel and that she hadn't had someone care for her this much. Needless to say I was taken back by this but at least it was something I could handle...lol. Like I said I'm used to people saying what an unfeeling bastard I am so being told that I make someone feel good kinda goes to my head. :)
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