June 1st, 2004

Majin Vegetta

So much, so little time...

Currently talking with a friend I've not spoken to for a long time on IM. I also went to visit my grandfathers grave today, a day late but with over time work it is hard to do much. Fought with my mother over my car. Tried explaining that I needed it by july because I wasn't going to insure the lincon again and she went on a tirade about not being able to get it paid off by then and how it would cause her so much trouble to get the lincon on insurance if it sat without for six months... Okay, so I have to pay an arm and a leg for gas and insurance so she can motor around in my car for another six months...I think not.

About my grandfather, he was a 2nd class water tender that served aboard the tuscaloosa, O'Brien, New Caledonia, and the Ponderosa. When he was my age he had already had nearly nine years of ranching under his belt before he fought in the second war. To a kid that was raised on John Wayne movies he was and still is a hero. I'm not the type to express immotion very readily but I was glad I was alone when I walked up to his grave. I cried over the loss of one of the only people I've ever considered a hero. If I die accomplishing even half of what he did I will consider my life worth while. That is how great my grandfather was.

On a lighter note, I've seem to have garnered the affections of one of my co-workers. We've been going out for four weeks and it is going well. Tonight I'm heading over to her house with my Oceans Eleven dvd. Should be interesting.