April 24th, 2004

Majin Vegetta

neck hurts and friends are ill

Met up with a couple friends the other day that I haven't seen in about a year. Cool to hear that they are well and I will most likely visit them tommarrow after my morning shift at work. Meanwhile the rest of my friends seem to have been cursed in one way or the other. Some have lost cell phones, others are ill, majority are having relationship problems. At least a few are doing alright and I hope the rest get over the lemons life has laid in their paths.

Me, myself, and the myriad voices within my head seem to be doing alright. Work goes well and bills are getting paid and I've started fishing again. Only thing that could make this better is some paintball to start up again though time is limited and my paintballing friends have various sceduals nearly oppisite of mine. Ah, the wonders of work.

Fishing goes well, took a friend with me a couple times and caught some rainbow trout. Had fairly good luck during the day but most of the fish were small. LOL, we had fun naming the fish after wizard of oz characters...Dorthey, toto, gramps, the wicked witch, and her flying monkeys.

Car is still broke but I'm in no hurry to fix it. I've noticed since the muffler was broken my gas milage has gone up in the lincon. This shouldn't have done that but I'm thinking that the catalitic converter on that side of the exaust is clogged... Oh yay, more work to do. Now I have to see if the other side is clogged as well, heh, that would be funny to find out I could've had 25 mpg all along with this car.

Gas is extortionate, I thought we went to war to fix this problem? Buck eighty-nine and its not supposed to come down until july. My god man, what the hell is wrong with prices now a days. Gas is up, food is up, and workers wages get cut. This I just don't get.

Well, since I pay around 40 bucks to the government a week I went and applied for food stamps and got them. This will help pay for food and such. Now I just need to find out how to pay to fuel the 20 gallon tank of the car till I get my car paid off. I wish I could just park the car and ride my bike all over but prices as they are it is still cheaper to fuel up and travel 190 miles to go get groceries and parts for the car and house. Gives me an excuse to visit my family also so it isn't that bad.

Started role playing again at ezboard...lol. I'd forgotten how long it takes to develope a character. No wonder I don't do it every three days like some people. It's stupid to see people just poping on and off various characters instead of taking the time to have fun with them. To each his own I guess.
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