April 17th, 2004

Chased By Rake

Taxes are fun....uh, yah, no....

Received my tax checks back. I'm happy that I received them and kinda miffed that I didn't get too much back. It was just enough to continue classes for this summer which is good but didn't leave any left for buying books for spending money.

Found out what was wrong with the car. One of the exhaust ports on the engine is old and the hose broke off. Fortunately that will not be much of a problem the part is cheap and the fix is easy so I'll be able to fix it myself. I still am miffed that I wasn't able to pay off my car and get it back but I can wait a couple more months.

Work is going well, I've received more hours lately because I've been covering a person that moved to another department but now that we have a replacement I will have to go back to the lobby and do the dog run again...lol. Stocking is fairly easy and ordering doesn't take much brian power though if I would've transfered over to the department I'm covering it wouldn't have given me any raise and I wouldn't expect any better wage increases then in the lobby. I have to admit that the lobby can be interesting at times, though supply issues really bite at times.

Anyway tonight I'm working the closing shift and most likely tomorrow I will be opening so sleep will be short and the weekend will be even shorter. At least I will be getting some new anime this weekend. I sent a friend up to an anime and manga store because they are having a sale and the prices are comparable to what I could get on the net. Hopefully I will be the proud owner of Black Magic M66, and Southern Cross Box set.
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