April 8th, 2004

Chased By Rake

Ah, its nice to be secure...

Work, Sleep, Eat...rinse and repeat.

Story of my life but all in all its going well. Bills are paid, friends are getting better after being ill, and I've now caught that pesky extra hour that I lost in spring forward. Weather is getting warmer and my trigger finger is getting itchy...must find fellow paintballers...and soon!

Little hic-up at work. On day I was ill and went home at lunch to recover. Before leaving I was told to leave a note for a co-worker telling her the boss needed some tags made for some new products we had recieved, so I wrote one.

Boss needs tags made for these products. No excuses.

Name and boss where the names of the people involved of course. The note said what the boss had related to me nearly word for word. I left and went home to rest and after a few hours I got up and found out I had no cold medication so I went back to get some medication. Came up to the counter and was told if I ever left a note like that again I was going to be turned in for harrasment. Looked strangely at my co-worker and left.

The next day understandably angry I pulled the store director and my boss into a confernce to find out what had happened. Like I thought it was politics as usual. I had a run in with this co-worker before when she wasn't doing her job and it seemed that that incident and an incident involving my boss asking her to do some work had pushed her over the edge. I don't think her drug use the morning she came to work that day improved things for her. Needless to say I am glad she is transfering to another department. I feel sorry for whomever takes her though because of the headache she seems to have been and is continuing to be.

Other then that little episode things have been going rather well. Had to fix my car a week ago, it had a bad battery cable on it...lol, for the life of me I couldn't figure out why I had power all the way to my fuse box but no power in the fuse box. Finally my mother and her boyfriend came up to look at my new apartment and help me fix the car. I've been kicking myself for not figuring out the problem, but it was good to see my mother.

Like I said, bills are paid and I'm happy currently. Right now I've finished with work and I'm going out to a friends house to help him beat tony hawk pro skater...lol. Should be fun.
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