March 15th, 2004

Majin Vegetta

The car was sprouting from the building....

Hail and well met fellow humans,

Man, I've been running about like a chicken with its head cut off lately. Finally got my first paycheck of the month so I'm crossing my fingers the rest will be as large so I can pay all my bills and have a clean slate for next month.

I'm going to register for classes this week. Hopefully I can get my java and accounting class done this summer and finish my CIS minor and get a good handle on what classes I need for my Computer engineering major. I was also supposed to go to a sand bog this week but its been pulled into next month so unfortunetly I'm just going to be working my butt off all week but at least I should have extra money coming at the end of the month with taxes and such.

I'm so close to getting my Elentra back I can taste it. I went to my insurance last week to find out how much it would be for just liability for six months on it and was shocked to find that it will be over 100 dollars less then what I'm paying now for the Lincoln. With gas being as high as it is I'm not doing so good paying over 50 bucks a month just to feed a car I can bearly drive so I'm happy in a few more months I will have my new car back so I can finally head out of this town on my days off and not worry about spending a fortune just to get someplace.

Last night I went out and helped a friend put togeather some sides for a small pull behind trailor. Afterwards I headed out with another friend for some much needed relaxation from the previous week when we went out for a pizza and saw the police lights crossing a bridge. After stopping by my house to get some information about a game he was having trouble with we crossed over to the north side of town and were amazed to see a car sticking out of a building. We parked the car and procceded to watch the EMS crews pull out the people from the car as we tried to figure out what had happened. The car seemed to have missed a gentle turn and ran headlong into the corner of the building. From the way it had slid along the building you could probably guess that it was going a bit over the 25mph speed limit. My friend suggested that since the high speed vehicals from the police force were closest to the wreak that it may have been a chase that had ended badly. After pondering the scene for a while longer we went out and ordered the pizza we had come into town for and procceded to laugh at the high schoolers that were pulled over after mistakenly thinking the wreak had pulled all of the towns cops to the north

Other then a little morbid car wreak watching my life has been nothing but work, work, and trying to have a life with friends. It's getting pretty interesting now that I'm finacially strapped but I'll pull through in a few months and once I get my car back I'll be doing even better. Thanks for reading, I'll try and post a little more often.