December 29th, 2003

Majin Vegetta

Moving once more

Yep, I'm moving. Its a bigger place and has two bedrooms so my friends can actually have a bed to sleep on when they Just a reminder that my phone and internet will be shut off tommarrow so if you need my cell # give me an email at

Sorry Traci. Since I started moving I've been using every box in the place to cram my junk into so I'll get it sent out in a couple of days, I know I keep saying that but I'm not getting enough boxes, sleep, or time during the day to do this

Seems that when I have to move it decides to snow. I've only had a couple of days off where I've been in town and each day its snowed a foot so the roads are bad and the highways are shut down. This means that I can't get a tralior to get my big stuff out and also means that I have to risk a bunch of trips to haul my smaller stuff over to the new place. At least its not a basement apartment anymore and has washer and dryer hookups :).

Well, take care all, I'll pop on again once I get my cable internet hooked up. Which should be in a few weeks.