June 18th, 2003

Majin Vegetta

Here's Sargie!

I know I haven't been updating lately. Just been busy. Father's day was a bust. I went to take the gift I got him, a retractable fishing pole and kit, and he wasn't home. I just left the gift there with a note then tried to see my grandmother who just got out of the hospital after having a pace maker put in....Lol, she is a lively as ever and I wasn't able to track her down either. On the good side though I managed to find a black cap to replace my old one :). Does anyone truely know how hard it is just to get a pure black cap with nothing on it....I've spent three weeks looking for one...criamany...lol.

Yesterday was okay, Came back to the apartment and went to work. It was steady for a tuesday which was pretty cool. Got out at ten pm which means more money for my trip...heheheh. Today should be alright, I'm going to be busy once I get off my duff. I need to clean around the apartment building and in a couple of the rental units then send in my anime review...lol, I keep on telling the owner of anipike that I will get it in and I keep getting more work to do before I can do it. Anyway, I should get going it's 11 am and I need to get some work done.
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