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Sarge [userpic]

F-14 Manned and ready.....

October 8th, 2005 (06:02 pm)

current mood: full
current song: 8 stops 7: Uninspired

Ugh, hmm...day off and not doing much. I have duty tommarrow so I'm kinda stuck here anyway. Past week has been interesting. We had a mandatory fun day so I helped out in tug of war and volley ball. First team I was with in volley ball got trounced by the army team so I was happy to help out another navy team going against the Air Force. Didn't help that we had some Chiefs on the sidelines telling us how much they would PT (Physical Train) us if we didn't win. Fortunety we won against the Air Force team but then went up against a team of Chiefs and Petty officers. Was not a pretty sight.

Tug of war was pretty stupid, most of the people that signed up didn't participate so we had a completely new team when we took the rope. Against us were the Marine instructors so we didn't have much of a chance but we managed to hold out longer then a few of the other teams but still lost.

Class has been going alright. Aced the first few tests but nearly failed the fourth so going into the test on friday I was eighth in class. Pulled my head out of my butt and salvaged a ninety on that test so that should keep me up in standing so I can choose some good orders coming out of A school.

Miss my girl but finally bought a cell phone so we talk more. Keeps us both sane ;).


Posted by: Traci (rebelsaiya_jin)
Posted at: October 10th, 2005 02:34 am (UTC)

Sounds like fun. ha ha!

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