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This should be interesting...

Well, today is the day I leave for boot camp. Big change from what I'm used to but it is for the better. I will be making more money then I was and I will be getting the schooling I need to make my goals a reality. My mother and girlfriend are going through a rough time and many of my friends are a little peeved but for the most part there is a understanding that it is for the best.

My last week has been hetic. Went to my girlfriend's brothers drag race and had a great time. Received a pretty bad sunburn on my head though. Packing has been pretty hecktic as well and I was not able to get done. Thankfully my girl friend will be able to get the rest. It will be hard for her though.

Well, I'm being bombarded with Im's so I will cut this short. Take care all. Laugh often, and I wish you all good luck with your goals, whatever they may be.
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