Sarge (sarge104) wrote,

I've moved!!!!!!!!

I am now the proud renter of a two bedroom house. I like the place but there are two small problems, one is insulation, the other mice. The insulation is easily fixed but the mice problem is a little harder to get a handle on. I've set traps, made sure food is locked up but I still can't seem to get rid of the pests. They wake me up at night with their gnawing!

Internet is still off. The company gave the excuse that it wanted to wire the entire town before they started the cable internet up but it should be up and running in a few weeks hopefully. I can't wait to help out a site I like by providing some storage for them.

Work is going well. Changing rules are starting to get annoying though. Legal rules I can handle getting changed, I can't really argue how we are supposed to handle checks but my bosses and the rest of the store don't seem to communicate very well. Several times I've experianced their bickering and it doesn't sit well with me but the pay is good the job is easy so I can't complain too much over minor inconvenience.
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