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Sarge [userpic]

I hate to admit it...

September 13th, 2003 (02:32 am)
current mood: Defeated
current song: Tatu - How soon is now (Smiths cover)

I know my limit and unfortunetly I cannot allow my roomate to stay with me any longer if she doesn't get a job by the end of the month. I had truley hoped that things would've worked out but its now been two months since she moved in and I cannot afford to pay for two people and save for collage. I've been forced to take another semester off because of budget conserns and this cannot continue. The begining of next week marks the ten day end of her staying with me.

I've done more then I should've, I bought the ticket for her to get over here (it was stolen the second day of her trip). I walked her down to the health and human services to get food stamps. I walked her to the job center and helped her fill out an application for a good job. Then the foot dragging began.

She told me that she did not have her SS# and birth certificate then she went on a two week trip with a couple friends to pick up her ferret. They had to borrow 300 dollars from a friend half way there and I had to give her friends money to get back to their home. After that the money she had left she used to get cigerrets. Now her kitty litter for her ferret has run out and soon the food will also. What does she expect to do then? I know what I will do. I will have to boot her out and sell her ferret back to the pet store...in the end an innocent animal is abused. I'm pissed. Not because Kathleen has been dragging her feet but because I've allowed it.


Posted by: Evadne (kiarafallan)
Posted at: September 13th, 2003 03:20 pm (UTC)

I worry about her if she doesn't even know her Social Security number....how does she do her taxes then?

Posted by: Sarge (sarge104)
Posted at: September 13th, 2003 09:02 pm (UTC)

She knows her number, she just doesn't have her card. So, she should be able to get a job easily. Then she can get her birth cirtificate and ss# card to get paid.

Posted by: Evadne (kiarafallan)
Posted at: September 14th, 2003 04:20 pm (UTC)

I think all she wanted was free stuff...

Posted by: kathleen (celticdusk)
Posted at: September 15th, 2003 07:20 am (UTC)
hahaha wats free in this world

honestly wat is free in this world?... nothing is free... even love costs something... btw don't you guys have something else to do than harass people about there lives?.. look i don't know what u have against me, but i have nothing against u and if it will make u feel better if i move out. then i will get out as fast as possible.. that way everyone can be happy.. ok?.... just please stop talking shit about me.. you don't know who i am and wat kind of life i had... noone does and never will know me.... damn... perry, sorry to cause trouble, i will be out of your hair soon enough. damn... make me feel like the fucken devil here. fuck it....

Posted by: Evadne (kiarafallan)
Posted at: September 15th, 2003 03:25 pm (UTC)
Re: hahaha wats free in this world

What not wot...for heaven's sake, the first thing you should do is learn how to spell and use proper grammer.

And please, where are we harassing people? I fail to see me and Sarge following you everywhere saying "You're a horrible person".

Who you are and what kind of life you has no bearing on if you can go out and get a job or not.

And btw, if you're trying to get me to go "Awww...poor you, perhaps I should be nice to you" You failed. You think that your life is the only one that sucks? Well, guess what, you've just encountered me, whose life also sucks. I've put up with shit my entire life, no one really knows me and no one probably will because I won't let them, and yet I don't sit here with a "Oh, it's all life's fault and not my own that I can't do anything" Don't try and guilt trip me, as it won't work on me...

Posted by: Traci (rebelsaiya_jin)
Posted at: September 16th, 2003 09:04 pm (UTC)
Re: hahaha wats free in this world

Oh please... Just because you have a hard life doesn't mean you can't take responsibility... And no one is harrassing you. People are just complaining about how lazy you are. :P We're also just sick of you sucking our friend dry, and not even being thankful for his help, or trying to help with rent or ANYTHING... You need a swift kick in the ass by reality, dear...

Posted by: kathleen (celticdusk)
Posted at: September 19th, 2003 02:07 am (UTC)
Re: hahaha wats free in this world

are u going to come here and give me that swift kick in the ass? hahahaha doubtful, look, back the fuck up off my ass and go get a fucking life, and keep me out of it. im not in your business so get out of mine.

Posted by: Traci (rebelsaiya_jin)
Posted at: September 19th, 2003 02:11 am (UTC)
Re: hahaha wats free in this world

I said you need one by reality, not me. I don't even understand the middle of this... I have a life. It's going rather well, actually. I'm in college, I have a job, a good one, in fact. ^_^ You, on the other hand... are just lazing around. I'm not "in your business", just stating that you need to grow up.

Posted by: kathleen (celticdusk)
Posted at: September 19th, 2003 03:02 am (UTC)
Re: hahaha wats free in this world

hahahahahahahaha :P

Posted by: FiFi/Faye/Faygo/Brat/Bitch (yellowdolphin)
Posted at: September 17th, 2003 01:13 am (UTC)

you guys are fucking hilirous. you're arguing like 2 year olds..but it's so funny as hell. lol.

and if she doesn't realize by now that people are talking about her, then she needs to get her head out of her bf's ass and look around. lol.

but maybe she enjoys that view too much.

but oh hell, she's not worth my time to bitch about...i do that enough when i'm talking to Perry. lol.

oh hey Tracy...Perry told me that you and i would get along once we met. you know..next summer. we could bitch about a certain someone that annoys everyone in Perry's life. lol.

Posted by: kathleen (celticdusk)
Posted at: September 19th, 2003 02:15 am (UTC)
Re: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ROTFLMFAO, maybe if u got your mouth out of tracy's ass maybe u could see that u aint no better than the rest of us. u know i wonder if u guys would say this stuff to me in person, that way i can kick your pussy ass's and show u who needs a swift kick in the ass by reality.. the only reason u guys are talkin shit is because its over a stupid fucken machine, where everything is just words. IF I EVER SEE EITHER OF U IN PERSON I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR FUCKEN ASS AND SHOW U NEEDS TO GROW THE FUCK UP. It sure as hell aint me....

Posted by: Evadne (kiarafallan)
Posted at: September 19th, 2003 03:39 am (UTC)
Re: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strange...you are the one acting like a two year old with a very very foul mouth....perhaps you need the direction to the nearest soap to wash your mouth out with.

And yeah, first I would tell you to your face..and then after you do all that stuff you say you would, I'd call the police (because I'm sure going to video tape that)

Posted by: FiFi/Faye/Faygo/Brat/Bitch (yellowdolphin)
Posted at: September 19th, 2003 05:39 am (UTC)
Re: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok you fucking cunt...you will see me when i come over there in a few months, and trust me, i'll tell you what's on my mind.

and ha..you kick my ass? ok, whatever. you can keep thinking that little girl. cuz you know, you're all big and bad and a lazy piece of shit.

and if you're so pissed about us talking about you? then why don't you just stop fucking reading what we have to say?

and why the fuck are you threating to kick our ass'? we're not the ones that is making others miserable.

you know, life would get better if you got off your lazy ass and fucking got a job. it would help a lot of issues. how many times have you been told to get one? probably too many to count. do you like to be lazy and piss everyone off?

and thnx again for threating to kick my ass. you don't know how much that made me laugh. you should become a comedian. with talent like that, you'd sure to get a crowd going.

and who in the hell said i was better than everyone else? i surely didn't. but i know i'm much better than you. and i can prove it.

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