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Sarge [userpic]

Another day another plot to rule the world....

June 9th, 2003 (12:23 pm)

current mood: awake
current song: Freespace 2 Ending Score

LOL, I went over to my friends trailer yesterday and helped him rearrange his living room. One eighty gallon, one thirty, and one ninty gallon tank later we had completely destroyed his living room. Today I'm going over again to help him finish then I get to pick up my check from work...yippee! Hopefully I will be able to keep most of it so I can have some spending money when I leave for Michigan this july.

The one thing I am worried about when I go on this trip is my two charges that I am taking care of for a friend. He gave me two ferrets to take care of while he went fire fighting so I am arranging to have them taken care of by a friend while I'm gone. Other then that it will be a fun three day trip over with my friend that works in michigan. During the trip I will be meeting with various friends that I've made online and in real life. It should be most awesome. Well, I'm sorry that I must cut this short today but I woke up late and its nearly 13:00. Take care all and I'll talk to you later. Don't be afraid to post.