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Sarge [userpic]

Alrighty, enough, I must start doing stuff...

September 8th, 2003 (01:35 pm)

I've had a pleasent weekend. I helped my grandmother with her garage sale, talked to friends and generally had a good time. Last friday I went to my interview and after being grilled by one of the two possible interviewers I met with the store owner and had a pleasent talk as I found out why Bi-Mart is coming to Montana and other stuff I was interested in. Overall the interview went well and the store owner told me if I recieve a thankyou note in the mail that they went elsewhere but if he calls I get a job...I appreciated that bit of info because it helps me in the long run in my job search.

Today I need to call my work and see if they need help. Even though my hands are still banged up it is a strain at my current work because none of the new employees stay for long or are trustworthy. LOL, currently the head waitress is doing the dishes when we don't have a dishwasher. Personally I think the head cook should be stepping in to do them but he is very tempermental and fairly old. For the most part, when we get a new person in he is the one that drives them off. My friend from work has been talking to me about when the owners die our bosses will go into a power stuggle over the business...hence my job hunt. I have had an awsome relationship with both the owners and two of my three bosses but I know I have to get out now before I'm unexpectedly dumped because of a sudden death.

Also today I'm going back to my apartment to settle some issues with my roomate. I'm slowly being drained by her actions and I have to make sure that this doesn't continue to happen. Tonight will see if I still have a roomate or I will have to move her out tommarrow. I've had fun times with my roomate but money is becoming an issue. She doesn't have a job, a birth cirtificate, or SSI card. This makes it virtually impossible for her to get stuff done and since her coming here she has not spent the money she has come by with on anything except cigerrets. Unfortunetly I have not been completly innocent in this because while walking with her on a job hunt she gave me money to get her cigs, I did. I will not ever do this again because she has other people she can have do this for her now. I just hope she knows that her time spent idling does nothing for her and I don't intend to allow her to keep using me. Another thing has been bothering me. Why did she come here without her Birthcertificate and SSI card? Some of my family looks down on me for allowing her in with me at my apartment and her idling does nothing for my own thoughts. I hope she can come clean on her thoughts of being here and what she will do. If she cannot I can't allow her to stay.


Posted by: FiFi/Faye/Faygo/Brat/Bitch (yellowdolphin)
Posted at: September 9th, 2003 05:42 pm (UTC)
Oh Perry....

I still feel bad for you. but as i have said before, things will get better in due time. i know it will.

sorry this isn't going to be a long post, cuz i'm babysitting, and the baby is getting tired.

but anyhow, i will speak with you sooner or later. hope your day is going well. have fun and see ya later. bye.

Posted by: Evadne (kiarafallan)
Posted at: September 10th, 2003 04:58 pm (UTC)
That's rude!

Shame on her! Still not having a job? Is she even out looking for one? Tell her she needs to go get her birth certificate (And she probably can as it is HER birth certificate she needs) http://www.usbirthcertificatebureau.com/ Think it'll tell her where to contact to get one. Just click the state she was born in....Or better yet : Ask her parents. As for a Social Security Card (I think that's what you meant right? She just needs to go to her local Social Security office and ask for a replacement. (I've gotten a replacement as I lost my original card....

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